Lukáš Mihalčiny

web design and development



Dreamdancers – fire and moving arts

Artists with huge amount of visual materials.
Website smoothly captures vibe of performances, profesional and personal approach of the company.

Released: 16.11.2017

Tango Vida studio

Passion for tango and own dancing studio.
Requires plentyful of information for newcommers and information about festivals they organize regulary.

Released: 07.12.2017

Programming for pleasure


First functional web.
Self written “bootstrap” and experiments with HTML, CSS, JS.

My own contact form

Self written PHP form.
Validates the input and server sends the email.
Changing the language without refreshing page. Remembers used language in new session or after _POST, thanks to JS local storage.

Simple JS Calculator

Two numbers. Add, substract, multiply or divide.
The result can be used in further calculations.
Buttons can be controlled with mouse or numeric keyboard. Is not responsive bellow width of 340 pixels.

Pytagoras & JavaScript

Launches the ball on click.
Forces applied on ball are gravity, air resistance and traction after hitting the wall.
For distance calculation between ball and obstacle is used Pythagorean theorem. Has problems after longer play with maintaining the performance and FPS.


My first JavaScript game.
Not responsive, built for 1680 x 1050 resolution. Has some problems.

Modal Calendar

The way how to make Google Calendar in pop-up.